Moolahs please come rollin' in

Friday, November 30, 2007

you're officially twenty now, auntie

And so, i'll officially own a pretty pink wallet in say, 3 weeks time (!!SQUELS) Yours truly is a happy (x 1000) girl cause she just made payment for the wallet yesterday night !! With a little help from her uber sweet boyfriend of course, who went all ways to help me transferred the money despite having tonnes of UIs to design.

Anyhoots, was planning my schedule for the coming month when Mr Postman came knocking on my door to pass me my parcel. Pretty checkered high socks !! Okays i ought to stop buying things that i rarely will not use at all.

And and, been binge-ing quite alot recently and when i finally took up the courage to weigh myself, i was devasted to see a scary 104lbs on the scale !! I NEED TO LOSE MORE WEIGHT !! 99 POUNDS FTW HUISHAN !!

Anyways, here's some overdued photos that i took sometime back, but got too lazy to post.

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