The captain and his love

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Initial plan was to do a lil shopping at AMK Hub after work before busing home and B called and asked if i wanted to drop by his crib. So being not able to conquer the temptation of B's hugs, i headed off for Farrer Park immediately (:

Was on my way to B's crib when i realised that training from AMK to Farrer Park is gonna take up too much time. So i decided to alight at Novena, and take 131 down. Twas 3 bus stops only anyway ! Much faster than training from Novena to Dhoby Ghuat then Farrer Park, no ? And when i reached Novena, i can't help but bought B,


The main queue was too long and i decided to take the alternative queue by buying only 3 donuts - Chocolate Lemon, Orange White, and Spicy Cheese (#2 all time fave)

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