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Friday, November 23, 2007

Time sure flies fast and in the blink of an eye, i'm a Motorolan for exactly a month and 1 day already !! Internship at Moto's pretty tiring, but i do enjoy my stay there. Anyhoots, everyone's been asking me "Wah, you everyday see Motorola phones, sure see until sian, see until scared right ?" My answer to you is, NO I STILL LOVE MOTO VERYVERY MUCH !!

Introducing to you Motorola's latest and most poweful smartphone, MOTO Q9

Ever encountered sticky times when you needed access to the internet to send an urgent email or edit any documents but you're outta house ? Fret not lovelies ! Motorola has came up with the perfect device for you, Moto Q9 !

Equipped with wireless internet IE from Windows Mobile 6.0 OS and Opera browsers, you can now use your phone to surf the net, instant message, send/receive emails, edit documents, un-zip compressed files, or even update your blog at ANYWHERE UNDER THE SUN !! You can also synchronize multiple email accounts ever so easily with Moto's one-step email setup.

On top of that, on-board HSDPA high speed wireless connectivity technology also allows you to surf the web at an incredible speed. Also, Moto Q9 comes with a full-screen horizontal HTML browser like you haven't left your loyal personal computer !!

With that, i dare say that Q9 is now your perfect e-office space ! Work has never been so relaxing !! You can use MS Excel over at Sentosa, Words at the Botanic Garden, or even PowerPoint at Jurong Birdpark. With the Moto Q9, mobile professionals can now be confident and they can be productive by having a high quality smartphone and email experience in the most innovative and stylish form.

And also, Q9's got the classiest deisgn of all !! With the navigational controls deisgned only on 1 side, you can control Q9 with a single hand. Moto Q9 is not only a smartphone, but a fashionable accessory that everyone must have.

What's possible with the Moto Q9 ??
I would say, Nothing is impossible with Moto Q9 !!

Talking about making full use of your time and looking cool ? Moto Q9 is so so soooo handy !! So what are you waiting for ? Bag a Moto Q9 home now !!

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