Cocktail party

Friday, November 9, 2007

Company holiday today and i had dental appointment in the morning. Heard my tummy growling so loudly during my appointment so Mummy and i decided to dine at Citylink's Sakae since it's just 500m away from my dentist, and i've got my Sakae Birthday Voucher in my wallet (:

I alone, devoured 9 coloured plates, 2 plates of sashimi, and 1 kani chawamushi. Diet plan got ruined, yet again. Maybe i should just sew my lips up so i cannot eat anymore, no ??

And and, look at the roots of my hair !! It's time i do something to those unevenly toned hair. But but, i'm saving up for the extensions. HOW ?!?!

&& Last but not least,

I GOT MY LOWER SET OF BRACES REMOVED !! And i'll be removing the upper set of metals next month. Still thought of putting red/green bands for the upcoming Christmas (Just like my previous 2 Christmas) but there goes my chance now. Everything feels so smooth and slimy whenever i run my tongue along my lower teeth. Will be collecting my retainers next Saturday, and i vow to wear them conscientiously so that my pretty set of teeth will not get shifted back to where they first belonged (:

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