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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Spent half the Sunday at Baby's crib. Skipped breakfast at the market and we made Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup, topped with Cheese Sausages. Does not look apetizing at all, but the taste, was sedap :D Many many photos ahead, pre-warned.



And since Baby's dining at ChompChomp with his B4L, and i'm almost dying of boredom, i shall blog bout the yogurt wash-off mask that i've found at Sasa bout a month back.

These masks contains collagen, fruit extract, and yogurt extract. Comes in many flavours too. Guess the price of the mask ?? 90 cents per packet !! Whooping cheap, no ?? Nett weight is 10ml, and after applying a generous amount on my face, there's still like more than half a packet left. And the best thing bout the mask is, it does not dry the skin !! On top of that, it's also sweet smelling to the max - Smells exactly like the real fruit itself.

Yours truly a happy happy girl cause Joy just gave me more information on the hair extensions that i've been dying to get. Real life experience from real friends are wayyy more reliable and clearer than researches found through the net and forum, no ?? I can now head off to CityPlaza with ease. 17th December is the day i swear. Loooong hair, here i cooommmmeeee !!

& yours truly is looking for ...

HAIR CURLERS !! With or without cord does not really matters. So dear girls, do let me know which brand and model does the best curling yah ?? And i don't mind 2nd hand curlers as long as they are in good condition. So if your hair curler is lying on your dressing table and collecting dust, pm me on msn / mail me at (:


Everyone's complaining bout how awfully pale i am these days - Captain JS and his friend, My parents, Aldis, My dentist, Jon. Practically everyone around me are saying so. And surprisingly enough, whenever i look into the mirror, i don't see any paleness in myself. Malnutrition will never be the reason for i've been eating alot these days. So what is getting into me ?! Or it is the lack of makeup ?? Been heading out with my bare face recently. SOS, anyone ??

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