I'm tired man

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

a mere 3 digit 673.91 is not enough actually

And cause it's payday, all 7 of us (Zaki, Kailun, Ronald, Meizi, YeeWoen, Alywin, and myself) decided to head AMK hub for Mos Burger instead of having our norms at Moto Cafeteria / YongHe Kopitiam. Wanted to get pretty Rice-chan / Tomato-chan keychains (or is it handphone straps) but the lady at the cashier told me that they ran outta stocks, so what to do !!

And and, yours truly is a total lifeless student cause she brought home work from Motorola to do. I officially hit 100 backlogs and it would be a disaster if i still don't clear them by this weekend. Everything's gonna stack so much that Moto would prolly get so pissed with me that they'll send me back to school. And eventually, i'll fail my SIP. Exaggerating, yes i know (:

Baby's celebrating Scott's birthday at Zouk this coming Saturday.
And i'm feeling unhappyeasy bout it )):

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