Birthday gifts

Monday, October 29, 2007

Turning NINETEEN in less than a week !! This would be my last year of being a teen before i officially step into the BIG2. And yours truly seeks for, in terms of priority (1) TLC from CAPTAIN JS (2) Hair extensions, (3) Greyish-beige with blue star pocket skinnies from Bugis V, (4) Electric blue long cardigan, for her birthday.

Sponsorship anyone ? Any amount will do !
Make her happy (AT) POSB SAVINGS 126-96807-8

And and, i swear i'm gonna die of boredom at Motorola one day should today shall repeat itself again. So what exactly happened at work today ? I sat at my table, and read Toto-Chan from 830am to 5pm (Excluding 1 hour of lunch) Go figure. Asked for tasks but Andrew and Shraddha told us to relax and slack for today. Bored to the max, with the captital B ):

And and, i'm a happy happy girl cause i just got myself a blingbling watch (: The photo seriously does no justice to my pretty watch, and i'm pissed <:(

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