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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why hello there lovelies !! It's the weekend already !! Week 1 of internship whizzed past just like that. Can't help but admit that time sure flies, no ? In just 1 more week, yours truly turning 19 and boy do i shudder at the thought of it.

Yours truly totally adore weekends cause its the only 2 days where i can sleep in till late. Okay, not that late actually (Those who knows me well will know what i'll auto wakeup when the sun shines in at 8am) But in the blink of an eye, it's Sunday today, and Monday spells workday ): BooHoo !!

And and, a mere one week at Motorola had added 500 grams to my weight. I'm now officially 48, and i feel very FAT & FUGLY. Thanks to my daily standard Ham/Egg toast with milk for breakfast, and on-time lunch hours, with big servings of 菜饭 (Economical Rice)

Met the boyfriend after work on Friday and i had a stayover over at Farrer Park till Saturday noon. Had a great (x100) time with my loverboy. It's been a long long (Kay i sense a wee bit of exaggeration) time since we last get to cuddlesnuggle under his warm blanket.

There's more pics in Baby's phone. So stay tune !! In the mean time while waiting for B to reach home from his date with his B4L and send me our photos, i went oogling at skinny pretty girls, yet again.

Thinspiration, no ? Especially the 3rd and 4th girl - AngelaBaby. Skinny chics makes yours truly refuse breakfast and lunch like totalleh. Which is very good, cause i'm eating too regulary back at Motorola. So during the weekends, I FORBID MYSELF TO EAT ANYTHING FOR BREAKFAST AND LUNCH. As for dinner, only <250kcal is allowed - which is a fist size portion of rice (200kcal) and 1 cup of veggies (40kcal).

Okay, B just sent me the pics (:

there's no other place that i would rather be
other than in your arms

As for now, it's Jay Chou time (:

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