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Friday, October 19, 2007


Headed town to shop for my attachment necessities !! Motorola does not allow flipflops so i needed a new pair of pumps for work. And and, i bought a pair of wedge (1 size smaller cause its the last piece already) which i thought is pretty but will never have the chance to wear. Like when can one see me in heels man. Mega waste of money, not. Cause i gave it to my Mummy who is exactly 1 size smaller than me. Anyhoots, it's indeed God's bless that i do not need to wear formal to work. WOOSAA !!

And with my yet-to-come attachment allowance, i bought uber good Dead Sea Mud Mask (which made my skin all soft and doingdoing after a single application) and treated Mummy lunch at CityLink's Sakae. Guess what ? The 2 of us had 44 plates in total !! Not including the pumpkin and tori chawamushi. And and, Mummy had only like 11 plates and 2 chawamushi ? Do the maths and you'll know how much i had consumed, sinful huh ?

PS ♥ Nape piercings are so pweetty. Maybe i should get myself one for my 19th (:

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