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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Have you guys clicked on the Nike Plus advert on my sidebar yet ?! Well, click it NOW if you haven't, or you'll be missing out on something which you might regret for the rest of your life.

Twas sometime back in September when i decided to take my weight and i was devastated to see the scale hitting the big 5 !! Being the typical bimbotic skinny-wannabe girl, i told myself that I NEED TO LOSE FIVE KILOS !! And the first thing that came to my mind is to join XinYue in her dieting plan, and made myself a starving vow that consists of nothing but only water.

I, Tin Hui Shan will be going on a diet with effect from tomorrow, 15th of September 2007. I will limit myself to drinking only water and only water. No food will be allowed. Okay, plus a mouthful of something (Sounds better?) Exemptions to be made for the Tiramisu that i'll be making tomorrow. Other than that, any other food is a sin.
And so, i went ZERO food consumption for two days but i fell sick on the thrid day. Knowing that starvation won't work, i started on Binge & Purge. That is, eat as normal, but force myself to throw up after every meal. But the gastric juices burns my throat and one day, is enough to kill.

This is when i finally came to my senses and decided to lose weight healthily. And in just a few days, my weight dropped from 49 to 46 !! My food intake was kept between 500-700kcal a day and i exercised for bout, 4-5 hours a day. No doubt that my weight do fell after not eating for two days, but the aftermath was awful. So of course, i'll choose the more enjoyable weight loss process, no ?

And so, the magic keyword to a successful and healthy weight loss is, EXERCISE. And what is exercise without jogging/ running ? Unfortunately, i'm not the gym kinda girl and hitting the tracks seems to be the only way out. And and, running in circles can get really boring at times, and my iPod has been my loyal companion on the tracks. But hitting the tracks would also mean that i can't keep track of the calories burnt !! Headache isn't it ? But fret not !

Nike had came up with this wonderful range called the Nike Plus, which consists of a set of sensors, an iPod Nano, and a pair of the latest Nike running shoes. Once you've put the sensors in your shoes, you can start running and with every step that you take, data will be collected via the receiver that is connected to your slim and handy iPod Nano.

So you must be thinking, how can this thing here help me ? Information like how far you had ran, how many calories you had burnt, would be beamed onto your iPod and you can download them for future tracking. Nike Plus not only satisfies your lust for moosik, motivates you to run on further, but also, make your life much easier in keeping track on your weight loss procedure.

In addition, Nike Plus also has it own unique set of apparels and accessories for you to choose from. And the most amazing thing is, you get a Nike Plus iPod Sports Kit for FREE with any Nike Plus footwear purchase !!

For those who does not own an iPod currently, you can download your Nike Plus voucher and you'll get to enjoy 8% discount off iPod Nanos !! All you need is to buy the running shoes, and you're on your way to looking skinny !!

It's just a pity that there's no such offer when i was high on losing weight. BUT, it's still not too late for me to go get one now. I'm on my way to being stick-thin, how bout you ??


Disko Balls
4:08 PM

will someone send him to me like now

Its been three days since my fringe-cut but it is still so so so fizzy. Trimmed them again myself bout an hour back. Theres a few extra strands falling off, if you get what i mean (: And i wondered if theres any DIY straightening/rebonding cream thats available in pharmacies, or does anyone know of any salons that does partial rebonding ? Adel told me theres some around Toa Payoh that does fringe rebonding, and i swear i'm gonna get rid of pubic fringe before my birthday.

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