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Saturday, October 6, 2007

This week passed by so quickly that its the weekend already !! Which means, i'm only 9 days away from my Sun Certified Java Programmer (In short, SCJP) Exam. It finally hit me so hard on how little time i have left to study. Where had my 2 full weeks of serious mugging gone to ? And, why am i on the internet then? Because i.. i.. ohwells.

MINDY says "The only reason satan is picking on you now is because he is scared. He is scared of what you can do. God has a great plan for you and something huge is going to happen, or else satan would not waste his time on you. If something is standing in your way, dont just stare at it or try to get over and let it trip you. Be strong in the lord and climb it. Climb it and let it take you further. Make the most out of everything. God won't let you fall. God made satan, the creation is not stronger than the creator. God is stronger than satan and God is in you. Resist the devil and he will flee from you."
Got a fringe-cut yesterday and bidded goodbye to straight pretty fringe. Now my fringe looked like the hair from down-under. Screw my horrid pubic hair lookin' fringe purrlease !!

On top of that, Boyfriend's away at XingXian's since last night, busy preparing for Alvin's belated 19th BBQ (3 days late) tonight. What a wonderful weekend, and i'm stuck home $#&*%^!@

4:35 PM

So i decided to sort out, arrange and publish o'skool photos that i've scanned and uploaded long long ago but never had the courage to post. So as requested by YeeWoen, here you go !!

New born to 2 years old


Primary 1

I don't know what Mummy did to me when i was in primary one cause i transformed from an innocent lookin' girl, to a urm... CHIPMUNK ? Haha !!

Primary 2

Primary 3

Primary 4

Primary 5

And now, the long awaited secondary school times !! I was a short-hair blackie back in sec 1 and 2 and i hardly took any photos. So i shall start with sec 3 (:

Secondary 3

Secondary 4

Poly Year 1

Poly Year 2

Poly Year 3

NOW !!

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