46, no more ):

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Saw something stewpid and retarded on SGSellTrade. And below, is what i saw :

for just $99 with free normal postage

Whoever posted it, or purchases it must be the world's most retarded person. Stupid or dumb, you name it. I just don't understand why.

Yee Woen and i weighed ourselves at work today. And we both weigh 49. Yes, i'm putting on weight at the speed of light. All the weight that yw's losing are all building up in me. My tiny stomach is getting rounder, my thighs are getting more thunderous, my ass is getting fatter. The number of the scale just can't stop rising. And i can see myself turning into a fat balloon. If i ever exceeds 50 and become fat, it has got to be Motorola's fault.

SO I SWEAR WITH ALL MY LIFE, ONLY 1 MEAL IS ALLOWED FOR THE NEXT 2 DAYS !! I don't want myself to look like a ball on my birthday ):

On a side note, i found this awfully adorable loafer wedge online !!

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