Motorola is ulu malu

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Today saw me meeting up with Alywin and Wenzi at Motorola for our internship interview. Twas more like a briefing in my opinion. Things went well , and Tony seems to be a friendly and nice guy. And and, Meizi might be joining Motorola as well - more familiar faces ! (:

And so, my internship would officially start on the 22nd, and that would mean, lesser meetups with the loverboy !! But but, we are hardly meeting up already - thanks to school and Monster Hunter >:(

Anyhoots, i just managed to postphone my SCJP to 1st December. More time to study (: And, while Baby's enjoying Dale's company over at his place and completing Monster Hunter quests with Gary, i found awfully koolio shitzo from Guess. Check them out. I'm drooling over that gorgeous pink timepiece and shades already !!

I've got my eyes on you baybehh !!

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