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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The emo-ness had not subsided and i'm feeling all lousy from head to toe. Was brought down by so many things, and people (Including the boyfriend) Such childish issues like these should so be banned from my body cause we always get agitated so so so easily. And to add on to it, i'm such a jealous bitch and i know i'm not the most ideal girlfriend. Cause everytime B spends time with B4L, i feel awfully 'alone'. And the next thing you see, will be the two of fighting over the tiniest shits. All in all, i just want to say, Im Sorry Baby.

Ima cowboy yo !
8:11 PM

Headed down to Farrer Park in the afternoons and i'm glad that we trashed things out. And and, Baby and i went SHOPPING today !! Yes i had to spell it in caps cause my Baby is an indoor boy and he actually accompanied me to town today. And the best thing is, B's glad that we went gai gai 'cept that he does not expect them to happen too often. But heck ! Huishan's happy when her B's happy. And and, i've gotten my wardrobe a new member - black satin blouse. LOVELOVE!

I got the shock of my life when i saw this poster at Nic's Nicole0611. Like what an idea for his eighth album's poster. So had to agree with Nicole that this album cover is so amatuer photoshop-ish. And and, the first single was ehh, mega off genre and boy was i speechless after listening to it. Jay must be possessed when he wrote that song man !!

Jay's eighth album, 我很忙 will be released globally on 2nd November 2007. And and, it so happened that yours truly's birthday falls on the 3rd November. So is this a 19th birthday gift from Jay or what ? Okay jokes aside, Jay's pre-order should start some time soon, and i'm all geared for it (:

And and, my red Samsung is officially dying on me. Lil red phone has been auto-shutting down for the past month. And that's a sign for me to look for a new phone !! And here is a sneaky peek of what i've found. Have yet to check out the prices though. But you guys know me, i judge a phone by its appearance. So, comments please !!

So sleek !!

5 megapixel cam OH ME GOD !!

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