Six, and more to come

Monday, October 22, 2007


Day one of my internship was A-OKAY. Spent the first few hours filling up forms, signing declarations, and touring around the place. Then twas lunch, and coming out with testing statistics for Andrew thereafter.

The cafeteria's food was pretty bland though. Good in a sense that i won't be eating alot since it's not yummilicious, and that would mean that I CAN LOSE MORE WEIGHT !! Had an all-veg lunch but Shih Lin's mega cutlet for dinner had totally spoilt my no-meat diet plan >:(

And to my surprise, there's actually a weighing machine on the same level as my office, right outside the cafeteria !! Weighed myself after lunch today and i'm still stuck at the mega 3-digit 104lbs. And to add on to it, there's more thinspirations on _realthin.


And and, yours truly was so devastated when Esther sms-ed to tell me that Jay's concert tickets are sold !! Mega fast selling i would say, and what is left of the Cat 1 tickets are single seats. OH WELLS ):

Okay, i'm uber zonked, and i'm off to hit the sack. With the sky's being all cloudy and cold wind blowing, i wish i have my B here to cuddle wuddle with ):

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