Hair Grooming : iKon

Friday, January 25, 2013

About 2 weeks back, Mom and I went to iKon to do some finishing touches to our hair.

Our must-have breakfast whenever we need to stay full for a long time

Colour setting in

I told Mel that I wanted to have the same hair colour as the boyfriend so that I have complete the whole gentle Korean look. Can also conveniently act yi ge couple couple with the boyfriend right. But in the end, Mel chose something along ash brown cause he said the colour might turn out too lian for me. Gotta trust the professional man.

That's Mom in her new purple bob.

Lunch was at Sushi Express, AGAIN. Mom never fails to have Sushi Express everytime we are in Cityhall. I had my favorite usual, salmon don and seaweed salad. Oh by the way, this is the same sushi bar the boyfriend and I frequent several times when we went Taiwan 3 years back.

Here you go, my new hair for you. You might notice that it is significantly shorter than before and yes I sibeh heartpain the two inches of hair that got cut off cause my hair always take forever to grow. But whattheheck they were dry anyways due to my extreme blow drying bad habit so ya hair will grow again la.