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Saturday, January 5, 2013

I realise I have a lot of stuffs to catch up on blogging. Like birthday celebrations, gatherings, festives etc. Ever since my Panasonic camera died on me, I haven't been taking alot of photos and that's probably why I am always procrastinating to blog. I guess I really need to start working on those overdued posts. Or can I just leave them alone and just make do with what's happened in 2013 ?

03 January 2013

Anyhow, for those who are interested in how my hair looks like now / those who haven't got enough of my hair, like myself (thick skin much), it's PHOTO SPAM time ! I don't usually wake up and put on makeup ok. I was just trying out the falsies and glitter liner that my friends got me for Christmas. Yes I had nothing else on my face yet decided to camho, don't judge me.

Okay la I'm quite sick of my face already. Last one spam my favouritest photo.

Like a cover girl right ? Ok go vomit I know. Till then

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