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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I was asked by a few readers to share my skincare routine. I am quite skeptical about sharing it because #1, I do not have perfect skin and #2, I do not wish to get anyone into trouble with my routine but since the demand is pretty high, I guess I will just do it anyway. My skincare routine usually changes every few months or so, depending on what I found or what was new or recommended. When I was still a teenager, I don't have any major skin problems. I would probably only have one or two pimples during the time of the month, that's all. So back then, my main concern was just to cleanse well, maintain the complexion and I swore by Clinique's basic 3-Step System for the longest time.

Cleanser. Toner. Moisturiser.

Then I stepped into my early twenties and my skin changed drastically. It became extremely dull and dry and my pores got so huge I can see them even at a distance without my specs. I even had the worst huge and red cystic acne all over my cheeks and forehead. I don’t know if it is hormonal, or it is because I no longer spend the same amount of time to take care of myself and my skin. College was hectic and we all know that sleep and beauty goes hand in hand. You go imagine the toll it took on my skin. With that, I had never really recovered or had acne free skin. The most I could achieve was probably a few months of clear skin and the nightmare repeats again.

I actually gone through a treatment at an aesthetic clinic last February and it worked wonders for me. You can read about it here. But anyways, the entire treatment is kind of expensive for me right now so I had to look for an alternative. So if you guys know of any affordable products or dermatologist that worked for you and your acne problems, do share with me your acne story. I don't want to live under the masking of my concealers for the rest of my life.

So onto my routine. Products will be introduced in sequence of application.

Together with my Clarisonic Mia, I alternate between Hada Labo's AHA/BHA and Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating facial wash. Hada Labo is affordable and you can easily purchase it off the shelves at your local drgustores. Both facial wash foams up really well and I like them because they are mild and does not sting my eyes.

From left to right - Kose Sekkisei Lotion, Senka Whitening Lotion, Organic Bulgarian Rose Water, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and Uriage Thermal Water. What I do normally is I will mist my face with the Thermal Water, let it absorb into my skin, and then use either the Kose, Senka or Rose Water, followed by the FTE.

Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Milk.

From left to right - Rojukiss Pore Tightening Source, SK-II Cellumination Essence EX, SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist, L'oreal Youth Code Eye Essence.

From left to right - Sophie Monk Strawberry Nose Mask. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX. Sheet mask of various brands. I am also using the Collagen Eye Masks from Gmarket which is not in the picture.

Last but not least, I also apply sunblock wherever I go. Pardon the falises haha. I lost my lash box so I just stuck them on the first thing I see. Biore Bright Face Milk has been my sunblock for years and I swear by it. I dislike sunblocks that make the skin oily and sticky after application and this is awesome cause it does not stick at all ! It leaves a very matt touch and it does not oil out as well.

I guess that's about it for my daily skin care and hope it helps to answer some of the questions you guys have in mind. If there is anything you see which like me to review, let me know.

Before you leave this space, do share with me your skincare routine too ! ♥

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