Auspicious colours to wear in the Year of the Snake

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hello everybody ! In case you guys are superstitious like me, here's a chart with all the auspicious colours for the various zodiac sign. If you haven't know, our auspicious colours change every year so it largely depends on your zodiac sign and how it is affected by the lunar year.

So I am a Dragon and my lucky colours would be preferably Red followed by Orange, and then Grey. Looks like I am in deep shit because so far all the clothes I have bought are like White, Leopard print, Navy Gold and Flora. Does that call for a shopping spree ? Or maybe it is a sign. I have been trying to practice The Secret lately, asking for more money (obviously la !) and according to the book I am supposed to visualise, believe and act as though I have already received my wish. So meaning I must act as if I already got alot of money right ?

But anyways, got auspicious means there will also be inauspicious right. So here's the 2013 inauspicious colours that you guys die die must avoid.

Strictly no White and Green for me then ! But my new door colour is Green and I do have a few new White dresses. Oh wells. Keep for 2014 maybe ? Or at least until the Chinese New Year is over haha. Ban dan much ah. 

So there you go. Your auspicious and inauspicious colours for the year of Snake. May you guys win all the mahjong games you play and ban luck all the way this Chinese New Year !

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