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Thursday, January 3, 2013

I was tidying up Blogger when I found this poor blogspot stashed under drafts for the longest time haha. Overduuuuueeeed blogpost here ! Sorry guys I have been kinda busy since last November and there's so many things I want to blog about but never had the time to really sit down and finish up the drafts.

Ok, shall not digress any further, today's post will be a hair post. I think I might had mentioned this before I can't remember but my boyfriend's uncle is a hair stylist and owns a hair salon so for the past 4 years or so, I have been with his salon - iKon and I am so thankful for that because I am sure all of you know it is definitely not easy to find a stylist that gives you what you had in mind but with iKon, I had never left the salon feeling disappointed or what nots.

So few months back, I think it's November or December, I had my hair curled. I have had natural curls and I had always wanted smooth and silky straight hair so rebonding was my only choice. Having done rebonding for years since I was in secondary school, I got to admit that I am getting bored of it. Everytime the roots start to grow, my crown gets fizzy and curly and the head just goes PONG ! Since I can't get rid of the curls, I might as well live with it and perm them.

So I texted Mel that I wanted to get my hair permed, headed down to iKon, and left the place with happy hair and soul. I kind of forgotten to take photos for this blogpost on that day but I promise I will make up with more photos on my next visit. So here's my only photo of my perm.. 

This was taken two days after my perm. The entire process was pretty long. Starting off with a wash and conditioning before blow drying and trimming, followed by straightening the crown area, setting the curlers to the bottom half of my hair, attaching them to the heat machine, adding neutralizers to make the curls stay and another round of wash, conditioning and treatment. But then again, the time and money spent was worth it cause I love my curls then when they were still fresh and tight and I am still loving them now that they have kind of loosen up a little so ya no complaints (:

And that's my recent hair experience for you. I promise I will do a better job and take better photos on my next visit. Anyways, I am sure alot of you had already fixed your hair for 2013. If not, having plans to get them done before the CNY. So do share with me what kinda hairstyles you have done or have in mind.

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