Furniture shopping at Ikea

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Went to Ikea for furniture shopping and lunch with Mom and boyfriend yesterday. I am a total sucker for their chicken wings. I used to love their meatballs too though, but I feel that their standard for meatballs like dropped already.

Mom and I had a pasta each

Our all time favourite, must order !

Seafood rings which taste surprisingly good

Despite polishing our plates clean

There's always space for desserts

Camera shy ?

Iya no need to siam la one la

Mom's virgin appearance on my blog

Boyfriend and I

Okay ending the post with a chio picture of my lashes !

I know this is slow but I just started learning to apply falsies proper and man I wished I learnt those tricks earlier ! It just saves me all the trouble from applying and removing mascara. Anyway my lash supply is running low and if you guys know of any good and cheap leashes, let me know !!


  1. I used Dolly Wink False Lashes Sweet Cat No.10 for my sister's wedding and it's nice! Not cheap tho (think it's 24$ for 2 pairs of lashes with glue) but the quality is amazing.

  2. Oo thanks Bren ! Shall go check it out. Ya Dolly Wink is not cheap lo.