When acne-prone gets accident-prone

Friday, August 14, 2009

It was merely few hours into work today, and i injured myself twice (Yes you heard it right, TWICE) Washed the cleaning cloth, clipped it onto the hanger, and wanted to hang the hanger on the rack. And because there was limited space for me to move about, and i have very fat thunderous, my thigh press onto that red trigger and the water flowed all the way from my thigh, and down to my feet. Fyi, that's hot boiling water !!

Then after settling my red burning wound, i continued with my quest of cleaning the storeroom - sweep the floor. And after i am done, i attached the broom back together with the dustpan and clipped the flesh between my thumb and index finger.

Seriously, did i like stepped on dog poo in the morning ? So unlucky !

But i'm glad, my misfortunes stopped just right there haha !

Anyway, was just facebooking and randomly surfing blogs when i saw this really sweet proposal setup. Check this out. I'm totally awestruck. Such fairytales will never happen to me, haha !

credits : marshmellowhugs & CONGRATULATIONS !! (:

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