Ampoules !

Monday, August 24, 2009


Because the kiasi me refused to collect via postage, fearing that the postman might break my ampoules. Because Sarah (the spree organiser) stays in Jurong West and i stay at the other side of Singapore. Because just nice Bren's boy stays in Jurong and she is picking up her ampoules too. I conviniently "tompang" her boyfriend to help me collect mine as well :D

I ordered 2 vials of Phytoderm Purifying, 3 vials of EDS Purifying, 3 vials of Sensual Purifying, and 2 vials of EDS Whitening. My initial intention was to use the Purifying ones to treat my breakout but now that most of the zits are drying up and no fresh ones are popping *touchwood* i shall start off with the Whitening ones, and keeping the acne treatments for "rainy days". But i read somewhere that Whitening Amps broke certain skins out. Shurgs. I'll try them out when i've collected them from Brenda, and do a review soon ya ?? Hope I'm not allergic to any of the "flavours" though.

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