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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Apologies for my mini disapperance from the blog-o-sphere. I was having the most down period of my life - i had my first pimple outbreak in 21 years. All i wanted to do is just stay home and sleep my days away. The fat red bumps are awfully disgusting. I feel sick when i look at myself in the mirror. And to add on to my misery, the 100 spotlights in Armani Junior is giving me free tanning sessions everyday. So much so that even sunblock doesn't really work anymore ): I even thought of calling in sick for work, but for the sake of my extremely nice manager, i've decided to head for work with my pimply face.

You may think that i'm being totally ridiculous but hey ! For all my life, i've never ever had more than 1 zit on the face at a time before so these 10-20 zits are really freaking me out. And the number just keeps increasing by day. Totally depressing.

Looking back the past 2 weeks or so, i blew hundreds away at our local drugstores. I could have spent them on a Derma and get better and faster results. I would love to visit a Derma but given my deadly work schedule, i didn't have much time to. All the time i had, was to google or read up on forums when i get home and then hit the drugstore the next day after work and grab every single pimple gels/creams/whatnots that was raved/ available on the racks. Yes, i am that desperate to zap those zits away.

The zits kinda flattened up a little already and there's no more fresh pimples popping out *touchwood* Now i'm just gonna focus on getting it all flattened and reduce the redness. And and, to remove the ugly tans.

Thanks to everyone who replied to my post on the various forums - for recommending me every single product that worked for them.

And to my tutee's mom - for giving me 2 tubes of Chlortetracyline Hydrochloride Ointment which saves her face from acne scars.

And and, flying kisses to Brenda - for introducing me to Sarah the ampoule queen. Though i haven't started using but i forsee a pretty pretty complexion after using them haha ! Just look at how pretty Brenda is :D

Ironic this may sound, but i've used way too many products on my face that i really don't know which one did worked best. So here's a mini review which i don't think is very accurate since i mix and match.

Oxy10 - Used to work very well and dries my pimple overnight but i've got no idea why it doesn't work on me this time round.

Oxy5 - Doesn't dry up the pimple overnight like Oxy10 does but instead forces pus/whiteheads to the surface for easy squeezing.

T3 Pimple Gel Plus - No visible results after continuous usage for 2 days.

Acnes Medicated Sealing Jell - Slight visible results on flattening the bigger bumps. No visible results on the small ones.

Chlortetracycline Hydrochloride Ointment mixed with Acnes Medicated Sealing Jell - Flattens up my bumps at a much faster rate but kinda stopped when the bump reduces in size.

Seriously, I don't know if its the combination of the gels or what that work but i shall stick to my Chlortetracycline Hydrochloride Ointment + Acnes Medicated Sealing Jell paste at the moment. Haha :D

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