Ampoule Journal #1

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ampoules Review

First "flavour" tryout - EDs Whitening Ampoules (WA)

"For normal to dry skin. Not suitable for oily skin. Intensive revitalization. Skin brightening. Contains combination of vitamins & vitamin derivatives which are able to suppress the formation of melanin."

Before i start yakking, I'm using Vichy Purifying Cleansing Gel and Clinique Clarifying Lotion (I know I'm a lazybum who doesn't wanna keep typing out the same sentence)

App 1 - Cleanse → Tone → WA

Following what Brenda advised, i poured 1/4 of the vial and massage my face thoroughly. The serum looked deep yellow in the vial but when poured out it looked colourless to me. It is super super thick in my personal opinion (had to dap dap onto my palm cause it doesn't flow out of the vial) but upon application it feels very light, and icy. It is odourless and non-greasy. Absorbs pretty fast, leaving me with a smooth and refreshed face.

Following morning - Skin remains non-greasy. No visible results on any lightening of acne scars but face seems fairer than usual. But then again, my face always look fairer and more supple when i just wake up. No idea why. Anyway, i don't know if its my own imgination or am i thinking too much but 1 of my super red flattened zit seems to be less reddish looking ^.^

And cause there is no obvious visible results, and i'm one who has totally no patience to keep using a certain product and waiting for results to surface only after some time, i've decided to do what i do best - Mix & Match. I opened another "flavour" to play with.

Second "flavour" tryout - Sensual Purifying Ampoules (SPA)

"For acne prone skins. Regulates excessive sebaceous section, antiseptic effect on acne and pimple skin."

App 2 - Cleanse → Tone → WA (Full face) → SPA (On zits only)

Same routine with the same amount used. But this time, after the Whitening Ampoules had been fully absorbed, i dapped a wee bit of SPA onto my flattened yet extremely red zit.

SPA, similar to WA are odourless, and slightly more watery as compared. Seems a little heavy for my skin despite being more "diluted" as the zit looked "oily" for sometime before the serum is fully absorbed. Vial is recappable unlike the other 2 series (Phytoderm & EDs) where i had to cover up the opening with a tissue/cotton pad and use a rubberband to seal it up.

Later in the noon - Face seems to grease up faster than usual (Especially on the spots i've dapped SPA) But the lucky thing is, complexion doesn't look the least bit oily or dull. My skin tends to look duller/darker by mid-day, even without makeup (If you know me well enough you would know that i don't put on makeup) Ok, back to the oily feeling, i could actually feel a film of oil on the face when i run my fingers over despite looking non-oily.

App 3 - Cleanse → Tone → SPA (Full face) → Hazeline Snow Cream (On scars only)

If you don't know what's Hazeline Snow Cream,

It's that very old school cream that most Grannies are using Haha !

Point to note, the SPA were absorbed quickier when massaged on than when dapped on with a cotton bud.

Following morning - Pores on the T-Zone and cheeks seems visibly larger (OH NO!!) But ironic this may sound, the enlarged pores "closed up" after i cleansed my face. AND AND, THE PIMPLES DRIED UP :D Anyways, acne scars are significantly lighter (Hazeline ftw!!)

App 4 - Cleanse → Tone → WA (Full face) → Sunplay Sunscreen Lotion

Later in the noon - Face seems to grease up slower than the day before. I'm really confused now. A moment it oils up faster, a moment it oils up slower. I guess i'll really need to use the WA for a few more days to monitor the condition.

Read reviews and all that it takes 2 weeks of WA application to have visible results. Oh wells !!

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