Santa can you hear me ?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Was looking through Handbag_Fetish and i just can't keep my eyes off those pretty designer bags. And i'm totally addicted to LV's Neverfull and their Mini Lin Croisette's Marina :P

But but, either one of these gorgeous carries is so gonna suck my poor bank account real dry. So it's either i strike lottery (Which is highly impossible cause i don't even buy 4D) or Santas really do exist.

Santa can you hear me ? I have been so good this year. All i want is 1 thing, tell me Neverfull is here ! It's all i want, just for me, underneath my Christmas tree. I'll be waitin' here, Santa that's my only wish this year.. Okay, i want a Nokia N76 also, and my sweet boyfriend to be with me always.

infinite x's & o's
I still remember i wished for a super hot, smart, charming, romantic boyfriend last year. Someone who is absolutely headoverheels in love with me. And thankyou Santa for dropping me (came a tad too late though) the most precious gift ever - The loverboy Jisheng Zhong, who is 100 times better than what i had wished for (:

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