Too fast, too furious

Monday, December 17, 2007

It is Monday, yet again !! I seriously hate how my weekends passes by like a bullet train. It felt like yesterday was still Friday and i was happily telling Alywin that Fridays are Flyday !! But in just the blink of an eye, today's already Monday, where i need to back to Moto for half day of work, back to school for briefing, and then dental in the evenings ):

And i'm praying hard that this coming week would whizz past quick and then it'll be the weekends again, where i can finally spend ample time with the Baby It's his termbreak now, but i can forsee him spending the 2 weeks chionging assignments, dota-ing when he's free, and spending time with his B4L. So, i better book my Baby before all his timings are taken off (:

Speaking of dental, my dentist had scheduled my wisdom extraction to be next year, after i've fully removed both sets of my braces.

And and, HAPPY-SHOPPERS have been updated with new items !! More dresses - all shimmery and bejewelled this time round. Check out HAPPY-SHOPPERS newly added collection, The Glam Rock Princess now !!

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