Clinique review #1

Saturday, December 8, 2007

While the loverboy is out with his B4L last night, enjoying some boyfriend lovin' and talking serious business, i gave my very clogged-pored face a good exfoliate with Clinique's 7 day scrub cream, coupled with a steaming pamper with my very fabulous Deadsea Mudmask.

First off, my complexion is of combination skin type - Extraaa shine at the T-Zone and dryness at the cheeks, with 60-75% clogged pores/ milia seeds on the areas between my nose and cheeks (Yes, i've got tonnes of those horrible tittydotties i don't know why) So, here's your review on,


Pros: Scrubs very very well. Your cure to soft, radiant, new found skin !
Cons: Probably does slight damage to the skin, and it's pretty hard to wash off.

After washing off the exfoliated residues, my face felt much softer and smoother (felt like baby's bum totally) The scrub is less gritty compared to most exfoliators that i've used in the past but i still feel that it would be rather damaging if you use it daily. So i would not recommend if you're looking for a daily exfoliator. All you need, is a very tiny amount for it foams up really well when there is some (just a little) moisture added to it.

But in some way or another, it needs an extra effort to wash it off, and it sure smells abit funny to me - Smelt like plastic in my opinion. But i guess that is how Clinique products are smelt like cause my pore minimizer refining serum smelt a lil weird too.

All in all, it's slightly pricey, but it's defo worth to the max.

In additional, from what i read from several forums, it's not recommendable for oily skin type cause the skin stayed greasy for awhile after usage and may cause breakout. I did not encounter the greasiness personally but i seem to have 2 tiny pimples popping out. I'm not too sure if its the scrub cream that's causing it or it's cause my period's coming. Shall continue with a few more use before i determine what's the cause of those pimples (:

On another note, like what Nicole had mentioned in her BB Cream review, all reviews made are solely based on how our skins reacted to the various products. So don't come screaming at me should your skin had reacte differently !! ♥

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