Alternate ending for 300

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yours truly needs to speed grow her hair so that she can go curl them to those of Ruth's. Her curls are like the most gorgeous curls i've ever seen, i swear. Anyhoots, i'm a happy happy girl cause i just got myself Clinique's Scrub Cream and Pore Minimizer Refining Serum.

It's stated that it's oil-free, non-acnegenic, effectively improves complexion by reducing the look of pores, instantly clears away debris and impurities, continuously strengthen pore walls, and gives our skin a sensation of crystal clear. So let's give my face 1 month to see if they are like what it claimed to be ! (:

It's already like an hour to midnight and B's still mugging hard for his test (I think luh) Heck i'm suppose to be hitting the sack soon but meh, i'm not tired at all ? Anyhows, like what the title of this entry reads, here's an alternate ending for the movie, 300.

An ambassador on his way to Sparta, where a bloody fight will begin..

This is too crazy!!


This is Sparta!!

This is also Sparta!!

This still is Sparta!!

No matter what, this is Sparta!!

You crazy bloke!!


This is Sparta!!

Even King himself has to refer to the God..

Please guide us!! God of the Sun!!

You siao ar!! Now its night time, you call me out!! Get out lah!!!

Damn that stupid sun. The King led his strongest army and departed.

They met their ally on the way. Yo yo yo~

This is all you got?


You!! What do you do?

I am the hero of justice.

What about you?

I am Harry Potter.

And you?

I am the pride of Saiya.

Ha, a bunch of small characters!!

Brothers!! Tell them what we do!!

Andy Lau: I just wanna be a good man( Andy Lau's song title)

This is Sparta!

And they reached the dark tower, where the Great War began..

Let them know!!

What is Sparta!!

I just wanna say, what has this got to do with me!!

Surrender, Spartan!!



Actually, I'm your father.


I want revenge!!

This is Sparta!!

The Spartan army is unstoppable. They finally come to face the dark lord.

Never thought it was you..

Sponge Bob!!

I've lost.

My time has come!!

Heh!! You are too dumb~

A!! My heart!? You!?

That's right, this is Sparta!!

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