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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Word vomit. Tonnes of complaints ahead. You've been warned.

Scenario 1. Date, 1st December. Time, 345pm. Location, Chinatown OG's Fitting Room. I was the first, and only person in the queue for the fitting room. Then came in 2 ladies, clad skimpily with LV carry, and speaking with a very obvious China accent.

A few minutes later, someone came out from her cubicle and i made my way towards it. But guess what ? The barbaric uncivilised cunt pushed me from the back of my shoulders, barged into the cubicle, giggled silly at her friend and closed the door of the cubicle.

And the worst thing is, the other China lady even pushed my Mummy aside so that she can walk out of the fitting room. Where's all your manners bitch ! Aren't you imbecile taught how to say a simple Excuse me ?

Scenario 2. Date, 2nd December. Time, 745pm. Location, Shaw Plaza McDonalds. I ordered a McSpicy Meal, no upsize, coupled with additional cheese (K, i just remembered i'm on a diet) And the lady at the counter told me that i had to wait for my McSpicy. I said yes, and stood aside to wait for my meal.

Then came in a China lady, ass swaying like a penguin, and arms hooked onto the arms of a Singaporean old uncle. The couple ordered 2 McSpicy meals and same thing, the lady at the counter told them that they had to wait, and they agreed.

Approximately 30 seconds later, the lady started showing signs of impatiences. She nags and complains and started scolding Singapore for their poor services. I was irritated, but ignored her. Then my meal came, and i stuck out my hands to collect them. But the lady snatched it from my hands and insited that she should get her meal first. She even claimed that she came and order before me.

LIKE WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM !?!?! Do i look lik i'm transparent ? 我不是吃玻璃长大的 !! Pissed, pissed, pissed !!

Anyhows, my poor Samsung U700 seems to be dying on me. And the worst thing is, i did not send the warranty card 7 days within my purchase and the warranty is void !!

My new phone wannabe, Nokia N76 ♥♥

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