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Sunday, July 19, 2009



Finally at the end of the day,

We had some time to take photos (haha!)

Much loves to Eileen for taking time to help me out despite having only 3 hours of sleep ! You're like wonderwoman luh ! But anyway, i'm thankful for having good flea neighbours everytime i join a flea. The booth on my left sells really cute ear pieces at only $10 each ! Leen and i were like so excited when we saw them setting up their booth but being the very superstitious me, i refused to start spending until i made my very first sale. I even used the method Leen told me bout - taking the cash from the first sale and "sprinkle" it on my clothes so more kachngs will come rolling in. Call me Auntie Fayne please haha (:

The first sale of the day came late. In fact, the organisers started to place the tables really really late and by the time they got to my area and got the tables up, its already 1230pm. So it's kinda like a mad rush for us to set up our stuffs.

Sales was a-okay, not forgetting the friendly and great neighbours, except for that booth which is at my 11am direction. They couldn't stop staring and then gossiping among themselves. They were nice initially, and even gave us a copy of their brochure but as time goes, i could actually feel the arrows coming in. And i'm pretty sure i'm not thinking too much cause even Mommy and my neighbour could sense some unfriendliness their stares. Not gonna state their shop name cause i'm not so silly to give them free publicity. But anyway, they don't sell apparels nor ear pieces but cleansing kits for branded bags. And one more thing, they aren't kids nor teenagers nor young adults like you and i but actually people who are really what we call grown ups - say urm around 25 to 30 years of age ? Yea, go figure.

I'll be back with more in later in the noon. Off to do an inventory check :D

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