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20 reasons why a sausage is better than a man

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Saw this at Peggy's. Very very interesting

20 reasons why a sausage is better than a man

You don’t have to please a sausage all night long.
Sausage stains wash out.
A frigid sausage is also a good sausage.
Your sausage will always wait for you in the car while you go shopping.
When your sausage goes cold, you can always warm it up.
A sausage is alway hard.
A sausage never get jealous when you put another sausage in your mouth.
Sausage don’t smell like stale pork.
Sausage skin comes off without a fight.
If you have a headache, you don’t have to please a sausage.
You can have 2 sausages at one time.
A sausage won’t get upset if you come home with another sausage.
A sausage slips in your mouth easily
Sausage size doesn’t count.
You can share sausages with friends.
You always know if you’re the first one to taste a sausage.
A sausage can last all night long.
Sausages are not chauvinist pigs.
You can have a sausage in public.
Sausages don’t care who comes first.

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