Begging for closure

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nothing could just worsen, seriously. I broke down emotionally, right in front of my laptop. Sometimes in life, you wake up and realize how wrong you got youself into. You take a look in the mirror and can't even recognize the person staring back at you. With tears welled in my eyes, blood in my mouth, and bruised arm, i struggled to pull myself right and no i can't do it. The worst had finally came. I've always wanted to know what is wrong with me, what is something i can change about myself. It hurts to cry myself to sleep, and now, i'm scared.

Maybe this whole thing was not supposed to work out the way i wished it could have. Still, i'll hold onto the memories that means so much to me while it lasted.

"when things are going wrong, as they sometimes will
when troubles weigh too heavily, and the road seems uphill

remember clouds that hide the sun are passing through
soon brighter days will come your way
and the sun will shine for you"

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