Man oh man

Sunday, September 16, 2007

B's over at XingXian's place since last night, and what's worst is that his mobile ran out of juice. So here i am, nua-ing at home the whole day, stalking _realthin, theskinnywebsite, and random blogs.

Was at XinYue's MamaVintage and i almost laughed my ass off when i read one of her entries. She mentioned catching Grey's Anatomy and there was an episode where a rape victim was admitted to the hospital, with a half bitten penis in her mouth. The rapist was later admitted, and was told that he would not be able to pee on his own for a very long time and also, not being able to have sex forever.

What else can i say, other than SERVES HIM RIGHT ?

Dream legs, and my leg's twice the size of that

Update on my diet plan: I feel much thinner but plan's amended cause it's seriously crazy and i feel awful after 2 food-less days. Just 2 days, and i already feel all sickly, and jelly-ish. So i'm now implementing the 500kcal a day plan, with lotsa lotsa plain water, and mega exercise !!

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