Lose-y lose-y more

Friday, September 21, 2007

After crash dieting and doing mad exercises for several days, yours truly officially feel LIGHT and decided to take my weight today (: So, guess my current weight, anybody ? The weighing scale reads...


But 1 thing i don't understand is,

Why are my thighs still so huge ?

But heck, i'm much lighter now !!

And more flexible !!

My very lovable boyfriend just told me something awfully funny, and a wee bit disgusting.

Baby's Dad: Girl arh (Girl refers to HweeKhim, B's sis) This one your toothbrush ah ? I can't recognise my toothbursh and have been using this.

Hwee Khim: Huh, this one ? (Takes and shows B)

Baby: Omg, that's my girlfriend's toothbrush !!


And before i leave this space, here's a lil video to share. Great artist i would say.

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