I hate school

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Say HELLO!! to the 3cm (290 pages) thick report that i came up with for my Final Year Project. Rushed out my fyp report in 48 hours. 2 sleepless nights, and i'm finally done with it.

Headed down to Eileen's place at Hougang at 10 in the morning to get our reports printed. Then it was down to Tampines from Hougang to get the thick report photocopied, and binded. 3 sets in total, and it costed us a bomb. But just when i thought that everything had finally come to an end, and i can at last have a good rest, i received an sms from Noor that i still got stuffs to do for MP.

Oh my oh my. Like when was the last time i had a good 8-hour sleep ? Ever since i got myself landed in MDEAS, ever since i got into this fucking semester, never once had i got a good night sleep that lasted for more than 8 hours. There are even times when i had to work for 3 days straight. Yes, that's 72 hours straight.

I was never a healthy girl since birth. Hypoglycemia, is one fucking illness that's been taunting me since birth. I'm not like you strong boys who can not sleep for days yet produce good results. For your information, prolonged severe hypoglycemia can cause irreversible brain damage and heart problems, especially in people who already have coronary artery disease. If emergency medical treatment is not provided, severe hypoglycemia can be FATAL.

U I officially announce, yours truly, DEAD.

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