What did you say?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Been feeling awfully shity lately. Bad grades/ Scoring C(s) and D(s) for termtests, even my BabyBoo gave me a mini breakdown last night. Life's starting to crumble, and fall. And i can forsee my super well-maintained gpa dropping drastically and i'm afraid that i can't even score a minimum of 3.3 in the coming exam.

Many around me may think that B and i are still in the honeymoon phase, all lovey dovey and no quarrels nor fights. But that's ain't true. for we do have our fair bit of argument every now and then.

But i guess we both don't quite have any good ways to deal with such issues. His ego issues, my emo and itchy mouth problems, our tempers and attitutes. No doubt these quarrels drove us apart but they sure too pulls us much closer as we get to know each other better.


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