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Monday, August 27, 2007

And so, this is what the last slide of my revision lecture reads :Start revision early ! Nobody can pass this paper by studying for only 2 days ! Guaranteed ! Unless your IQ is > 200. And guess what ? Yours truly only started studying yesterday (Sunday) at 4pm. So am i tryna prove that my IQ is above 200, or do i really want to fail this subject, or are they lecturers playing mind tricks with me ?

In loving memory of the very last exam paper of my three year poly life. The end of this paper would officially mark this semester to an end. BUT, there's still a wee bit more to do for my Final Year Project. Last lap Huishan, hang on !!

So the schedule's as followed:

27/08 i-Manage training for the ChongZheng kiddos
28/08 Competition (Morning) i-Manage Exhibition setup(Noon)
29/08 i-Manage Exhibition at NgeeAnn Secondary

And and, i LOVE to webcam with my boy. Cause he always does the silliest things to plant a smile on my face. And heres a drawing yours truly did for the boyfriend (:

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