Daddy Darren

Saturday, August 4, 2007

And so, today was spent in my usual MP cabin, trying to code my forum's update, which is due, TODAY. And i managed to keep up with the schedule that Noor had came up with, that is, to complete all the updates by 9pm sharp. Mdeas has got to be the most happening Major Project company that i've seen. Be it the amount of stunts they give, and the kind of people at the company.

There was even a point of time when Liyao Elson and Kinyang went bersek and the container was full of trashbags flying, running abouts, feet stomping, and 蜡笔小新imitations. And thank God for Daddy Darren or Darren Papa - the 23 year old "Unlce" who never fails to clear up the 惨局that we 9 "kids" had created.

The school is giving me so much work that my body is rejecting everything that's arriving.. My body needs a rest. I can't wait for the semester to be out, really.

And the bestest way to destress is to attend the Stress Management course held at Farrer Park Blk 9, by this infamous professor, Prof. Jisheng Zhong. It's amazing that no matter how pissed i am, be it over school, friends, or anything else, my B never fails to plant a wide smile on my face. So needless to say, twas heading down to Farrer Park after having a long day at school.

And i'm glad B, that we've talked things out and cleared all the stupid/ ridiculous doubts that i previously had in my mind.

And so, here's the lil video that i made for B for our two months anniversary, when he was far away in China having his Major Project.

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