Thursday, August 7, 2014

|PUBLISHED 07 Aug 2014
|TRAVELED TO Wong Tai Sin, CityGate

First thing in the morning, breakfast at our hotel ! Breakfast at Rainbow Hotel was fairly okay. They had quite a few mains choices for us to choose from. The only complaint is that maybe the buffet line is too small ? They only have like rice, porridge and noodles for us to choose from. Its like mini mini buffet.


More camwhoring on the MTR on our way out. The only time we can camwhore on the train without having to care what everyone else around us thinks. Perks of travelling, heh. Anyhows, First stop, Wong Tai Sin Temple. We actually came here before on our previous trip, but us being us, we are used to visiting temples whenever we travel so we made it a point to head to Wong Tai Sin.

The weather was so freakin' hot, we were sweating like nobody business. I got all grouchy and even asked JS if we could return to the hotel and freshen up. But we decided to tweak our itinerary abit and instead of more outdoor walking, we swapped it for shopping at CityGate Outlet.

JS literally went crazy at Esprit. Every trip without fail, he will bag home tones of clothes from Esprit. Imagine he filled up the entire trolley in less than 5 minutes. Go figure.

I think we spent a good two / three hours at Esprit before we headed off to the other shops. And JS spent like around HKD 800+ on Esprit t-shirts. And another HKD 400+ on another Esprit outlet. And another HKD 200+ on yet another Esprit outlet haha. It's quite a good deal I would say, cause each t-shirt is going at around HKD 79 thereabout ? Where in Singapore can you get 12 bucks Esprit t-shirts ?!?!

Been contemplating to get a Burberry Cantebury for the longest time ! It was slightly cheaper in HongKong but they do not have the colour that I wanted. Even the outlets in Singapore no longer carries the colour. Guess I'll probably have to check out if Reebonz carry the colour I wanted.

Stopped over Food Republic for lunch cause we're famished after all that shopping at Esprit. Thereafter we headed to CityGate's extension mall where I scored a pair of Melissa pumps for whopping SGD 50 !!

Dinner was at MongKok, yet again, for all the street food and all. We even managed to find our comfort Japanese restaurant at its newly relocated shop space. That pretty much sums up our day 2 in HongKong.

Oh, before I go, here's a short hotel room tour video ! I totally forgot about videoing the room on Day 1, so I did a quick one on Day 2 after housekeeping (:

Till then, xoxo

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