Sunday, July 27, 2014

|PUBLISHED 27 July 2014
|TRAVELED TO Mongkok, Avenue of Stars

Finally got down to uploading the photos to start on my HongKong trip entries ! This is the second time JS and i travelled to HongKong so it's kind of more chillax this time round, mostly just eating and shopping, and completing the scenic attractions which we weren't able to visit previously.

New passport holder c/o MyLittleThots {X}

Pardon the date imprinted on the photos. Set the date wrongly on my camera and I didn't realise until Day 2 of the trip, so all my photos taken on Day 1 and 2 were dated really weirdly.

I love taking pictures from my plane windows. Which explains why I die-die must get window seat. The view is NEVER the same. There is something about the fluffy marshmallowy clouds and blue skies that makes me really really happy.

And how can one forget about airplane food ? I always look forward to my meals on the airplane. I know many would disagree, like what's so amazing about airplane food ? Frankly speaking, I don't know either. I just simply love airplane food. Maybe cause it's something I don't take often ? I don't know. Heh.

Once we arrived, we headed straight to their Airport Express counter to get our Airport Express Tickets. It is our first time going direct via the airline so there wasn't any airport transfer provided or whatnots. But everything was pretty convenient ! The moment you leave the customs, you will see the Airport Express counter and you can purchase your tickets there. We bought the package consisting of 2 way airport transfers and 3 days of unlimited MTR rides at HKD 300 each. For those who are travelling for more than 3 days like us, you can easily top up the same card for the rest of your days cause the card passes off as an EZlink (octopus) card too.

Next, we headed out to the main waiting area to get our HongKong SIM. We bought it for HKD 188, and it provides unlimited data for 7 days (but it actually lasted till my 8th day so I'm not quite sure how it really works) and HKD20 worth of calling credits. What we did was to buy 1 card, and we tethered the network over to JS's phone so we both had internet access.

Took the Airport Express to Kowloon MTR, where we took a free shuttle bus to Eaton Hotel, which is just 5 minutes walk away from our hotel - Rainbow Hotel.

Checked in, and off to Mongkok we go !! We spammed tonnes of street food, so not much pictures, sorry !!

We still had sometime to spare after getting my rainboots so we headed down to TST to revisit the Avenue of Stars. Yes, I went on a special hunt for boots cause the weather forecast said there will be thunderstorms for the next few days due to the typhoon and based on my experience 2 years ago, all my footwear were badly soaked and they gave way right after so I didn't want the same thing to happen again.

And sure enough, there was quite a few bad showers, but they didn't last for too long =.=" But then again, it's okay and I am still happy with my buy cause they are oh-so-adorbs.

That pretty much sums up our first day in HongKong. Will continue the rest of the days later so do remember to check back !

Till then, xoxo

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