Sunday, August 10, 2014

|PUBLISHED 10 Aug 2014
|TRAVELED TO Ruins of St Paul, Fortaleza do Monte, Galaxy Hotel, Venetian Hotel

Do note that if you are going to Macau, you will need to bring your passport and travel documents along. We thought we could easily purchase the ferry tickets at the terminal but we were so wrong. We reached at around 9am, only to find out that the 10am and 11am tickets were all sold out. What's left is 12pm and after. But of course, there were black market tickets circulating around so you may wish to purchase from them, which we eventually did. One point to note (if you're purchasing return tickets from them as well) is that do not believe them when they tell you that you can ignore the departure time stated on the tickets and depart anytime you want. We bought the 930pm return tickets but wanted to leave earlier and we actually have to be on the waiting queue. We didn't wait for long but I guess we can always buy the return tickets at Macau itself.

Walked abit of a distance to hitch a free shuttle bus to the casino hotel areas. We couldn't locate the Venetian's shuttle bus so we boarded the one that goes to Galaxy Hotel since they are just right opposite each other. Futhermore, all the casino hotels have free shuttle bus services to and fro all the other hotels. Good marketing tactic uh, so that hardcore gamblers can go to all the casinos without any troubles.

Our expensive, yet not so nice dinner at Venetian before we head off to win the entire casino with one dollar, heh. It's just like MBS. Expensive foodcourt food haha. On a happier note, we won like HKD 75.00 at one of their jackpots ? Quite a thrill though.

Till then, xoxo

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