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Monday, March 3, 2014

If you're following me on my instagram, you would have noticed that JS and I bought ourselves a new pair of trainers each ! It is definitely not a me-thing to be so obsessed with barbie pink and running but I figured it's time I stop procrastinating and start running again.

And since it was payday not long ago, I decided to buy myself something to reward myself for the hardwork I've put in in the past month. I also figured that if I paid a "huge" amount on the new kicks, I would want to wear them more often to fully utilize them. That being said, I'll end up working out more so that's actually good news aye ?

I've also made a pact with the boyfriend that I'll lose 10kg by April 1st so hopefully I don't lose this pact. I am 55kg now so I better start getting myself back in shape before my pre-wed shoot.

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