Talk about cooking : Chicken Bulgogi 닭불고기

Sunday, February 9, 2014

 For those who have been waiting, here's your long awaited post on my recipe for Korean Chicken Bulgogi.

 Step 1 : Add the following ingredients to the sliced chicken thigh. 
 You may also use pork or beef, whichever meat you prefer.


 Step 2 : Mix well 

 Step 3 : Add in spring onions and onions


Step 4 : Mix well


 Step 5 : Leave the mixture to set for 30 mins


 Step 6 : Fry the mixture Step 7 : Add some sesame seeds and seaweed to garnish


 Viola ~ And you are done !!



  1. Hi, is the yellow stuff chopped garlic? and the white powder corn flour?

  2. Hi, yep its chopped garlic and all purpose flour (: