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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sparkly and fluttery eyes ? All thanks to my gorgeous Japanese eyelash extensions done at COVO !

Beauty is never effortless for me. Furthermore, I am a real lazy bone. Ever since I started working full time, there is only this much me time I can have for myself. Because of my lazy nature, I stopped taking care of my skin, stopped taking care of my tresses, stopped dolling up, and as time goes by, I stopped pampering myself entirely.

Then reality snapped. Running a Sales & Marketing department, I need to look good. Or at least, presentable. But the lazy bones in me is not willing to sacrifice time off my sleep to make up in the morning. The most I will do to my face in the morning is sunblock, and that's it, and when I report for work my colleagues would ask me if I am sick cause my eyes simply look so dead.

People often say our eyes are the windows to our soul. Like many other Asian females, I am born with relatively short and sparse lashes. In order to achieve sparkly and fluttery eyes, I need to curl my lashes and apply layers and layers of mascara which is extremely time consuming, especially during the morning rush hours. My saviour to this woes is, JEANE from COVO.

COVO is located at Keong Saik Street, right off Outram MRT Exit H

43 Keong Saik Road
Tel : +65 6221 4585

Before I start my session, I was asked to fill up some forms and I proceeded to the consultation with Jeane. I was totally spoilt for choice with the various curl types and lengths to choose from. There was also different styles of extensions. All in all, there were so many combinations for me to choose from I can't even decide so I trusted Jeane to customise what she think would be most suitable for me - C curl, with varying thickness for a more natural look.

The magical room where I fell asleep and woke up with gorgeous eyes

During the process

It has been slightly more than a week since I did my lashes and although some are falling off, but most of them are still standing strong. What I love about lash extensions is that are already curled so you don't have to curl them or put on any mascara. It literally saves me all the time from having to do any eye makeup. Well, you still can put on eye makeup if you want, but why bother to waste your time when you can have instant gorgeous eyes ?!

Why should you try eyelash extensions ?

It's time saving ! For lazy bones like me, who doesn't put makeup regularly, you will definitely look more presentable or at least look more awake. Once you start, you probably cannot stop. Can't wait for my next visit to COVO for my touchup. For those who are interested,

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Any queries or concerns regarding eyeslash extensions, feel free to email me at

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