Sunday, December 29, 2013

It has been slightly past a week since I got proposed to and to be very honest, everything still feels very much like a dream to me. Although I already knew that the ring was ready long ago, like early this year, I never thought that he would pull such an early (and AMAZING one) on me. Yes, you read it right. I was aware of the ring’s existence. I can’t remember when we started discussing the idea of getting a ring together, but JS decided to let me choose my own stone cause it’s something that will follow me through my entire life and he wants me to like it, while he chooses the setting (so that I can still have that surprise element) but somehow it ended up with both of us choosing the entire ring together (:

So after some research, we decided to head to JannPaul to learn more about diamonds and also to look at our options. For those who are interested, JannPaul operates strictly on appointment only so do make an appointment with them before heading down.

We were lucky and we got ourselves an appointment on that very weekend. We sat down with Sam for a good THREE hours while he patiently takes us through the journey on how to choose a good diamond. It was a tough choice to make, but we finally chose a diamond we deemed best suits me, selected the setting, and viola ~ just sit back and wait for it to be ready. JannPaul also provides free customization service but we took their ready-made setting anyway.

So here’s the tracking video that JannPaul provided us, featuring my ring

Fast-forward to 21st December, I was at Marché@Vivocity celebrating (or so I thought) our common friend’s 25th birthday. Halfway through our meal, JS said he had to head to the toilet. Tummyache, sounds legit la. Little did I know that he had planned this entire series of surprises for me.

Awhile later, Dale’s phone rang and he passed me the call. It was from JS. I still didn’t sense anything wrong at that time because I thought he was bored in the toilet and wanted to chat with me. Or rather, he wanted me to hear him poop (That's how we rock) He could have called my phone right, why call Dale's ? Means something fishy right. Anyway, so obvious already still don't sense anything suspicious, now you guys know what a simple girl I am right, heh. Anyway, JS told me to look out of the window (we had window seats by the way), and there he was, with balloons, roses, and some flashcards in his hands.

It was then I realised, shit is this a proposal ?!?! 

Okay, pictures time ! Apparently he had his helper friends to reach early for rehearsal lol.

& here comes the real deal... 

And thank God I didn't look too bad that day. I wanted to just head out in shorts cause I had a waxing appointment prior to the dinner but somehow I just decided to wear this new dress which I bought online but unfortunately was too short for me and hence the ah-ma leggings. And my hair was in quite a bad state too but hey! I think I still looked fairly okay la. I will totally regret if I ever look ugly on my proposal so thank God I looked decent that day. Quite amazing ah ? Maybe guan yim ma was trying to convey a message to me or something, heh.

One thing I would have to say is that WHY I SO GONG ONE ?!?! Really ! I actually never find any loopholes the entire time ! You say what, I would take it as what.

To be very honest, it was extremely heartwarming to see how JS (and his/our friends) put in so much effort for just that few minutes. Having been with JS for close to 7 years now (of course we had our fair share of hiccups when things got so bad we had to break off), as outspoken as he may seem, I know that he will never be one who will pull off a public proposal. Basically it is just not him to come up with something like this. His style would probably be just the both of us in a quiet place, simplest form and that is it, done deal. Although I would prefer something more action-pack (but now I think I may not be cut for such action cause I was super paiseh the entire time) but this coming from him, IS SUPER BONUS !!

I would like to take this chance to thank everyone who took time off their busy schedules to make this day possible.

Thank you Andy and Yingyu for rendering your photography and videography services. Thank you for capturing moments of the proposal so that when I grow old and *touchwood* become senile, I can still look back at your wonderful works and remember what everyone close to my heart had done for me.

Thank you Zhanpeng for helping JS with the video compilation, so that the proposal plan can end perfectly.

Thank you Roger, Marché@Vivocity's manager for having us. Thank you for opening up reservation on a weekend specially for JS so that the proposal can take place.

Thank you Mom, Dad and JS's mom for the surprise appearance in the video. Knowing what gan-cheong spiders both our moms are, it is definitely not easy for them to keep such a big secret from me. Especially my Mom who shares every single secret with me.

Thank you Kenny, Matthew, 马總 and Yuyan for being part of this entire surprise. You guys could have rejected his request but still helped out anyway - making his surprise even more possible.

Thank you Wenya, Jasmine, Hsiang Ken, Hanyeong, Xingxian and Dale for being present and sharing our happiness and joy. Thank you for keeping this entire thing a total secret from me. Additional kudos to Wenya who was tasked to "take me out" and delay time prior to the dinner. It must be difficult for you to buy time when I keep telling you we need to go cause it's not nice to be late for Xingxian's birthday dinner. It must also be hard for you to contain the excitement cause you see me practically everyday in the office. I know if I were in your shoes, I would have spoiled the plan but leaking tiny clues out.

Thank you Liling and Baby Lucas, Waileng, Gary, Kenneth, 小平舅舅, Winnie 表妹 and 姑姐, Yucui, Gladys, Faith, Hwee Khim, Eileen and Jason, Jiamin, Ade, Jieting, Sukmun, Meiyan, Weiwei and Desmond, Adeline, Xiao Liang, Fling and Azan for taking time off to film down your blessings so that the compilation can be made.

Last but not least, there is this very important person who I have to thank. Thank you JS for planning this entire surprise proposal. Thank you for giving me the best you can. Thank you for letting me have the most perfect proposal I can ever ask for. Thank you for being patient with me and giving in to my nonsense all these years. Thank you for caring for me and my family. Thank you for being oh-so-kind to me. Thank you for all the support you've given me and Thank you for always believing that apart from my monstrous side, there is still a better side of me.

Thank you for wanting to grow old with me and Thank you for loving me.

Thank you, every single one of you.

If you are a random person reading this and is feeling happy for me, thank you too.

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