Top 10 Favourite Makan Places, Part 2

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And so, another of my favourite makan place is, 新源記. I heard their 魚頭爐 (Fish head steamboat) is pretty good but i haven't tried it yet so i can't review. I've tried their 炸魚片米粉 (fried fish beehoon) and i've decided never to order anything else since then. I love how chewy their thick beehoon is and their soup is neither too milky nor bland. Boyfriend tried their red snapper fish beehoon and said it was pretty good too !

Another must have is their Fried Marmite Chicken. Tried once with my ex colleague and i couldn't forget how crispy and fragrant the marmite taste was. Try it if you ever go to 新源記 aye.

31 Tan Quee Lan Street

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