My disgusting face

Friday, February 24, 2012


Zero makeup (like duh !), zero photoshop, just sharpened photos for clearer view.

My face and hair look damn greasy and disgusting but i swear the photo was taken after i came out from my showers. No idea why it looked so oily but i guess that how bad i look then ): Imagine you wake up to that same fugly acne infested, oily yet dehydrated, pus-sy and inflamed face every morning. Early morning see this kinda face, who will have the appetite to have breakfast ? Ok i'm just joking with the breakfast part. Every morning when i look into the mirror, how i wish it's just a nightmare and one fine day i'll wake up and get my swee swee complexion back. Seriously, with that kinda face, how happy can one get right ? It's very very very very very (very x100000000) depressing if you think about it. 老娘是靠臉吃飯的ㄉ

To me, it's like the darkest time of my life. IKR, don't judge me. I searched high and low for help and remedies but none seemed to work. The acne just kept coming, and coming, and coming. And what's worst, is that Dr Chan told me that my complexion ain't that serious and i don't need to be put on Tetra. But hello ?!?! It's so much worst than my previous outbreak of which he put me on pills. If the cleanser alone works, then why would i be begging for Tetra right ?

So at my wits end, i consulted a friend of mine who works at an aesthetic clinic and she suggested that i try out one of their anti acne treatment package. So i went ahead and consulted her doctor and i signed the package with them. My package consists of 4 sessions, of which i will receive 4x anti acne treatment, 4x microdermabrasion, 4x serum, 2x super radiance laser. I really like the microderm by the way. I was told i could purchase some chemical peels to tag along with the treatment but i decided to try out if the treatment really works before dumping more money in. Yes i paid for my treatment, IN FULL, no discounts or sponsor at all okay !

Anyway, i just had my third session today and although my complexion is still not perfect, but it has been much better than it was before. I still get some pimples here and there, but the outbreak frequency has lessen and the number of pimples i get per outbreak is much lesser than i used to have. And i am able to tame the pimples i get now with some benzoyl peroxide so it's still not so bad. Sometimes i get like one or two naughty and stubborn pimples but it's still bearable as compared to a face that's blown with stubborn pimples right. Must learn to be contented with what i have haha.

So this is my skin, around 2 weeks back, which is like 3 weeks after my second session. I did my second session on the 19th Jan, in case anyone wanna know (: And oh those tiny white dots are benzoyl peroxide by the way. I like to dot them on my pimples thick. My complexion not bad right ? It could be due to my front camera also la, Iphone front camera not as sharp, but can see visible improvements on my complexion after all. The scarrings from the previous acne are barely visible anymore. Let me do a side by side comparison,

I purposely darkened the photo on the right for easy comparison. If not like abit unfair right, compare between a dark and fair photo. See the improvement on the scars diagonally above my right eye ? They are like GONE ! Frankly speaking, I don't know if my complexion got better due to the treatment, or it's just that my hormones decided to stop being crazy, or it's due to my diet and habits and stress level, or it's due to the products that i'm using but all in all, i guess the treatment does play a part ? And that is why, i don't know if i should continue to sign for another package when this one ends. If you were me, what will you do ?

Anyway, i forsee many questions regarding the clinic, but i'm still considering if i should reveal the clinic cause #1 i'm not sponsored and i paid in full for my treatment so i don't wanna do free advertising (HAHA!), #2 i really don't know if the treatment worked for me or it's just other external factors that contributed to the improvements in my skin. But nonetheless, if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a comment at my formspring and i will try to reply everyone but as for which clinic, i will keep your question in my formspring and i'll reply when i'm ready to reveal the clinic's name. Fair enough ?

Alrights, it's been an extremely long and wordy entry. So till the next time, xoxo ♥

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