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Saturday, February 4, 2012

If you've left me a question/comment at my formspring, do check it out cause i've answered all pending questions in my inbox ♥♥

Anyway, if you've been following me on my twitter, you would know that i've previously gotten a friend of mine to purchase this highly raved and recommended whitening soap from the Philippines and lately, i've finally got down to using this soap. It's called the kojic acid soap and in case you're wondering, the brand i'm using is Kojie San. There's actually quite a few brands of kojic acid soaps available in the market but i've done some research and it seems like Kojie San is one of the more effective ones and i'm totally crossing my fingers and toes that it works on me so i can be 白白的白雪公主 (:

Speaking about skin, achieve instant smoother and softer skin with Loreal Youth Code Boosting Essence. Regain radiance, youthfulness & suppleness in your skin in JUST ONE MONTH ! Turn back the hands of time by boosting your skincare effectiveness TWICE as much. It restores the skin’s natural recovery capabilities, and amplifies the effect of any and every type of skincare applied !

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Been hearing alot of raves about Swee Choon Dimsum and i've finally tried it after bugging the boyfriend for like urm, 2 weeks ? I wouldn't say that their dimsum is mad awesome, but i don't deny that some of their items are really yummy. Items that i recommend will be their chicken glutinous rice, xlb, red bean paste pancake (my personal fave #1), and liu sha bao (my personal fave #2). The mee sua kueh is pretty nice too but it gets a little jelak after awhile so it's best if you share with your friends.

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