Tuesday, February 8, 2011

i am not dead, i am not alive. i am a wintergirl, caught in between two worlds. i am a ghost with a beating heart.
i have so much going through me right now. so many thoughts and feelings. i over-think and im anxious. it's nauseating at times. especially tonight. i've felt on the edge of throwing up from pure mental stress. why is life so complex ? but then again, maybe it's not. maybe i'm just over-thinking everything and overwhelming myself and making it more complex than it is. the more thoughtful a person is, the more complicated the world seems to them. while if you're someone dull and unthoughtful, life would probably seem a lot more simple. i think i’m just going to focus on my goals of weight loss and progressing musically to avoid thinking about my life, my situations and the world i seem to dislike so immensely. if i focus on those two things, maybe everything else will just disappear and cease to matter. maybe they’ll cease to wear me down emotionally.

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